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Meet the Owner & Alchemist of The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop!

Shontel Anestasia

- Published Spiritual Author
- Clairvoyant-Medium
- Kitchen Witch
- Eastern Astrologer

- Ayurveda Practioner
- Kemetic Reiki Practioner & Womb Healer
- Board Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practioner


Shontel Anestasia is our modern-day Medicine Woman and Spiritual Teacher who embraces old-school traditions. She specializes in Cleansing & Purification and Womb Healing. Embracing the modalities of her Caribbean, Indian, and African Lineage, she's changing the landscape of how women heal their body, mind, and spirit with a holistic approach to synthesizing African Spirituality, Integrative Psychology, and the Vedic Sciences.

The Urban Gurvi Mama Shop
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